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  • Welcome to QuickApp User Guide! QuickApp is one of the most fully-featured and capable development tools available for planners. When using applications developed [...]

    Last Updated: 8 March 2022|
  • We have written this user manual for end-users to learn about the exclusive features that make life easier when using QuickApp. Also, with this [...]

    Last Updated: 8 March 2022|
  • Welcome to QuickApp! As an application development tool, the QuickApp is one of the most fully-featured and capable development tools in existence. Like [...]

    Last Updated: 8 March 2022|

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The main discipline of Retail: MERCHANDISE PLANNING

18 January 2022|

MERCHANDISE PLANNING, the main discipline of retail, has been overshadowed by popular concepts such as Digital Transformation, E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence these days. And today, at a stage where we've left digital transformation behind and are starting to talk about Artificial Intelligence, to write something about Product Planning will perhaps be seen as a topic two or three stages older. Frankly, [...]

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