We Understand the significancethe requirements of the Planning.

Everybody knows, the key for profitability is to respond quickly to rapidly changing market and consumer demands. To fully understand the needs of planners, let’s first look at some history.

Excel is a flexible and powerful utility for planners, but it is not a database.


In the years when the concept of planning began to expand, planners discovered the power of Excel as a planning utility for quick analysis against rapidly changing markets. Thanks to its flexibility, it is used as an indispensable essential tool by many planners even today.
However, the data needed for analysis has increased day by day. It has not only increased in size, but also in diversity.


After a while, some companies encountered serious problems with Excel. The growing data, increasing users and structural changes were time-consuming to maintain in their Excel models. Excel was not a database and data management had to be done with a database.

Standart Programming tools may be a solution, but it still costly a lot.

In this circumstance, pragmatically, some companies have headed to developing tailor-made planning applications with standard programming tools. However, Planning methods were already diversified by sector, sales channel, and even product. And monotype standard applications were far from solving the companies’ problems.

Code Text Programming

The changing market over time has given rise to changing analysis needs and has led to new update requests on these applications.

However, implementing the changes was not easy, because updating with standard programming tools was taking time and was a maintenance cost for companies that was almost as high as the initial cost. Eventually, many Planning Apps suffered the same destiny became unusable.

System Failure

Now, QuickApp solve

your planning problems

And today, most companies – except those who have met QuickApp- are skeptical of developing any planning applications because of bad memories.

QuickFlexibleEasy Development

QuickApp, with its flexible, easy and powerful structure, was born in the planning world and continues to grow and develop.

It manages data with popular databases, solves development and updating problems with rapid development excellence, provides a flexible and customizable user interface through Excel.

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Development Excellence

Dedicated to Planners

QuickApp was developed with the mission of being the unique solution to the needs of planners without compromising corporate data management principles.

We invite you to discover QuickApp. It created for planners and budgeting and forecasting professionals, and is ready to become the planners’ most essential tool.

Build your planning apps according to your needs via QuickApp on cloud. And run them in the familiar MS Excel interface.


Full of Special Features

QuickApp includes many features such as specially developed Spreading, Related Calculation, Locking tool, in addition to the advantages of Excel on the front side. Thanks to these extra tools and flexibility it offers, it aims to be the first choice in the sector.

QuickApp Features

User Interface

QuickApp uses Excel as a front-end because of users’ interest in Excel. In this way, it ensures that the acceptance, adaptation, and learning processes of the users are at the fastest level.

Users retain the interest and support of Excel on the front-end, while QuickApp manages all data with well-known powerful databases on the back-end.

In this way, while the user is working on Excel in a comfortable working environment that he/she familiar with, QuickApp serves in the background with the secure structure of databases.

QuickApp Platform

The QuickApp platform consists of two layers, QuickApp Cloud and QuickApp Client. Your settings and development data are kept in QuickApp Cloud with support for encrypted SSL Connections. In contrast, your operational or corporate data is kept on your own database server with server authentication support.

QuickApp is designed to work with various databases, including MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. We continue to add new databases to our structure on a daily basis.

QuickApp Client is responsible for generating applications and making them available to end-users. It works on your computer as an Excel add-in.


Create Trusted Reports

Due to the disorganized file structure of Excel, structural changes, tracking data changes, and consolidating scattered data require very heavy work.

Instead of performing such manual processes that will cause your numbers to be questioned, you can work with QuickApp to provide sustainable data management and produce reliable reports.

Let your End-users customize their own interfaces.

It keeps the user experience at the highest level with customization possibilities such as creating the user’s own front-end layout. Thus, it provides a much shorter development cycle on the application development side and flexibility on the user side.

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