Welcome to QuickApp!

As an application development tool, the QuickApp is one of the most fully-featured and capable development tools in existence. Like any software product, there is of course a learning curve, but thanks to the intuitive features, the extensive help documentation, tutorial videos, and customer support, we know you’ll soon be developing applications like the professionals.


With this Quick Start Guide, we want to help you quickly get started with your apps, by listing the most essential things you need to do to get up and running.

Download QuickApp Client & Install

When you sign up at https://quickapp.solutions, you will receive a confirmation email. After verifying your email address, a download link will be sent to you in the welcoming email. Please download the setup file from the link in your email or here, then start simple installation wizard. When you sign up, your 30-day trial period starts as a pro package. At the end of this period, your subscription is automatically converted to a free package. Even if your package is not upgraded, the pro features of Tenant are kept as they are for 6 months.

Installation Requirements:

  • Software: MS Excel 2016 or higher version must be installed.
  • Operating System: Windows required.
  • Disk Space: min. 500 MB preferred
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz preferred
  • RAM: 8 GB preferred

Connect to QuickApp

Immediately after installing QuickApp Client, you are required to create a connection with your account info. This allows you to develop/access QuickApp applications, and download automatic updates for QuickApp Client. To connect to QuickApp, you need the account information you provided when you signed up and the api-key that we send to your e-mail address. For more information on this process, please watch the following video.

Create your first app with us

For beginners, the first step can be difficult due to confusion and hesitation. Now is the time to get rid of them! We have prepared a video series for you to easily create your first application. In this series, we will accompany you every step of the way as you create an application. If you’re ready to explore how a planning application was created so quickly, let’s get started.

Explore the Docs & Videos

Once you get started with QuickApp, we have extensive library documents and videos to help you learn every aspect of using QuickApp. You can access the relevant help docs for each object on the QuickApp Client development screens by pressing the F1 key, as well as the general help topics here. To date, there are more than 40 documents and almost 10 videos to help you learn the ins and outs of the QuickApp development platform. Before submitting a Support ticket, do a quick search of the Docs as most support requests have an answer to be found there.