5 Rights for Retail Success

By building an Assortment Plan in QuickApp, we guide you to achieve the famous principal goal of retail.

Additionally, What should their combinations be? What are their life cycles? Which sizes should you keep in your stores to avoid stockouts?

Our business and development consultancy will help you to find the answers to all these questions and you will discover an effective way to achieve your business success

five rights of merchandising

Take Action Now, Talking Is Over.

Merchandise Assortment Plans are designed by taking into consideration the organizational structure of the companies, supply chain infrastructure, brand, customer profile, and etc. All these plans are aimed to determine the purchase amount for each SKU which meets the customer expectations in the most effective way.
Thanks to the smart algorithms we have developed specifically for the company’s structure within the scope of our Consultancy Service, we can deliver recommendations to the end-user for the order quantity at the SKU level

  • Classify your stores based on Performance, Revenue, floor space, or whatever criteria you consider.
  • Rely on our smart algorithms to minimize human-based risk.
  • Plan how many options will be available in stores
  • Determine how many options can be sold by store clustering and capacity.
  • Option Ranges are the most important criteria in order to determine the right price of the product.
  • Product Range Plan consists of the price range, pattern, collar feature, and other necessary range features.
  • Each option in each store is planned at period, option, and SKU levels in accordance with the range and capacity plans.
  • Make sizes of options available throughout their lifecycle by using a size analysis algorithm we’ll write based on your company dynamics.
  • Options get ready for allocation by calculating the quantity of SKUs based on store, product, and day factors.
Merchandise Assortment Plan: Option Plan, Range Plan, Item Plan