We Equip Retail Leaders With Strategy and Vision

  • Plan your targets on a seasonal or yearly basis in line with your company vision and mission.
  • Instead of saving the day, make strategic plans with a visionary approach and use resources effectively.
  • Don’t get lost in the details, make sure everything does not spout from the big picture.
  • Store management and Product Management have different approaches even though they have the same goal.
  • Make it easier to forecast next year’s sales figures by managing Store opening-closing and maintenance periods.
  • Plan store revenue and discounts with the LFL approach.
  • Let our algorithms append the sales forecast for your newly opened and to be opened stores.
  • Manage your sales plan in world-class merchandising discipline,
  • Plan not only the Sales Amount but also other Sales related metrics such as Sales Quantity, Amount, Gross Profit, Cost of Sales, Profit, Discount Rate and others,
  • With Budget Tracking Dashboards, allow your team and stakeholders to follow their plans weekly, monthly, and seasonally to the finest detail,
  • Help better financial forecasting for corporate goals by integrating your Merchandise Sales Plan system with your Finance Budget System,
  • Make your purchase plan depending on your sales plan,
  • Control your product purchases through OTB (Open To Buy) discipline,
  • Manage your inventories in a contemporary structure with fresh data, and increase your stock turnover rate.
  • Experience the comfort of being accountable and take control of planning by working with traceable data with QuickApp planning models.
  • According to the changing sales plan, the purchase plan is revised automatically. Thus keep your stock level under control.
  • Control weekly actual-budget realizations,
  • Keep stock level under control via Sell-through (STH), Weekly Cover, Turnover, etc.
  • Update your Sales Plan according to realizations and make solid trading decisions

Developing Merchandise Plans

It moves your organization to an accurate and agreed goal.


Integrate QuickApp with any ERP system, such as SAP, Dynamic AX, Oracle to read fact data.


Synchronize plans at different levels by providing interdepartmental collaboration.


Standardize your corporate planning processes in harmony with each other. Expand consensus among stakeholders on the concepts, calculations, and uses of metrics.


“The team at QuickApp Merchandising Consultant is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential with their amazing experience. It is very valuable for us to benefit from the experience of the team and their progressive approach.”

Tayfun Ergözen

Boyner – Head of Planning & Allocation