Department Store

Established in 1981, Boyner is Turkey’s largest non-electronic retail group publicly traded.
It operates 117 stores in 37 provinces, offering diverse retail concepts and a wide range of domestic and international brands.
Boyner offers customers a variety of categories, including women’s and men’s fashion, children’s apparel, activewear, and more.

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Luxury Retailer

Established in 1971, Beymen is Turkey’s first luxury retailer and a market leader in service excellence.
With 900+ designer brands, including exclusive partnerships with Dior, Saint Laurent, Valentino, and more, Beymen offers unparalleled access to luxury fashion.
Beymen operates 100+ stores in Turkey, bringing the best of the fashion universe to customers.

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Fashion Retailer

Established in 1988, Koton is one of Turkey’s biggest retailers, serving customers at 800+ sales points worldwide.
With 300+ own stores in Turkey and 200+ abroad stores, Koton brings 30,000+ different fashion models to customers each year.

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A Global Fashion Hub

Established in 1990, Eren Retail Group offers a diverse range of brands across 300+ stores and 1,000+ sales points in 20+ countries.
The group added Burberry in 2005, launched SuperStep in 2012, and expanded with Nautica and Converse in subsequent years.

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Empowering Fashion

Established in 1986, the group merged with Italy’s Miroglio in 2008, expanding its portfolio.
Brands include IPEKYOL, TWIST, and MACHKA, offering stylish and high-quality fashion.
The group operates 200+ stores in Turkey and 44+ stores internationally.

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Kidswear Retailer

Established in 1996, Civil offers approximately 42,000 products from 150 brands.
With 80+ stores domestically and 15+ internationally, it provides affordable and high-quality shopping options for children up to age 14.
Civil’s slogan is “both quality and discounted every day.”

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What Our Customers Say

Tayfun Ergozen

“First of all, I am personally pleased to be the first customer of QuickApp. In our project with QuickApp, both the strong experience of the team in retail planning and the quick development platform we used were the most important reasons for us to choose QuickApp.
Developing is very easy in QuickApp in every sense and most importantly, it can provide solutions for every need with its “tailor-made” approach. Thus, we were able to develop solutions for many branches of retail such as planning, allocation, finance, sourcing, rather than specializing in a certain field. Thus, with these models that are safe, healthy, simple, user-friendly, and integrated with each other, we have had the opportunity to achieve much more efficient work in every sense. We will continue to make new efficient and quality developments via QuickApp in the mid-long term.
Finally, The team at QuickApp Merchandising Consultant is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential with their amazing experience. It is very valuable for us to benefit from the experience of the team and their progressive approach.”

Customers Murat Barlas

“Koton as Turkey’s fashion and retail pioneer opened its first store in Istanbul in 1988. Today, Koton has 461 stores, 190 of which are abroad and 271 in the country, and more than 1000 sales points in 28 countries around the world. With its design team consisting of more than 220 young and experienced employees and more than 10,000 employees, Koton offers approximately 30,000 different models in more than 50 collections to the market every year. Koton stores meet about 80 new options to their customers every day.
Koton increases its technology investments day by day in order to use the information correctly, recognize customers correctly, gain advantages in competitive conditions and increase efficiency in business processes.
Since 2019, our cooperation with QuickApp continues. Our aim is to manage our Product Planning processes end-to-end on a single platform. As the Commercial Product Planning team, we use this platform especially in basic processes such as sales channel-based strategic plans, season-based product plans (Merchandise Strategic Plan, Merchandise Financial Plan), and price strategies in the countries we operate.
Thanks to this platform, we not only saved time in the technical parts of the business but also improved our analysis with more data. As a result, we were able to spend more time on the strategic aspects of the business and make successful commercial decisions. During the implementation of our projects, we received very fast feedback from the experienced QuickApp Team and so accomplished our projects on time.
Thanks to the QuickApp platform, which makes our planning processes much faster and easier with its flexible structure, it has now become the most important assistant of our business.”

Customers Metin Pekanlar

“Thanks to QuickApp, we can now safely carry out all processes and operations, from determining upper budget targets to detailed budget studies, within the same system. QuickApp has been a time saver for our entire planning team, thanks to its flexibility, similarity and automatic budgeting functions. Especially during the pandemic period, it has provided great convenience in our processes by fully responding to the rapidly changing conditions and budget revision needs.”